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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and takes off. see the devastation left behind. >> donald trump is not backing down about family of a muslim soldier killed in iraq and losing support from his party. a flooding risk this morning for parts of the area, when will we finally dry out? good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. today is monday, august 1st. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, meteorologist, amy accuweather forecast. >> over the weekend, we had the flash flooding events. 70 degrees outside now, clouds are in places no rain to begin the day. it is in the afternoon, north and central new jersey under the alerts of the big rains that come in, short amount of time causing problems. 4-6 inches of rain in some of the flooded out areas over the weekend, the
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tonight. the mill stone river crested at 5:00 a.m. and will start to decrease. the accu track, a few showers, heavier downpour, that is happening south of toms river, see how the rains are coming down before the storm makes its way out in to the ocean. the good news here iss up against the shoreline, the soil and sand can handle the water the places under the watch today, not having the sandy soil and so bigger risk for them as the drenching downpours come in. 80 in the city. grab your wrel as you head out the -- umbrella as you head out the door. debris on the tracks, n trains are running by the d, 36th to coney island, q trains, signal problems, downtown delays running downtown trains
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metro knot, hudson, -- north, hud hudson and harlem, dealing with trains today. staten island east, hiland boulevard, pothole repairs, to the bridge, brooklyn bound on the lower level, disabled vehicle, belt parkway, eastbound near rock a way, that's an accident a couple of lanes are closed down there. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. for a driewfer that ran from the scene of a hit and run crash that left two men dead. >> darla miles is learning more about the victims and joining us live from cyprus -- sigh press hills. >> reporter: the driver mowed
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the scene. police identified the men who died. one identified as 56 year old israel turcios. the second mall do nado. they were hanging out at a bar down the street. it's a common hangout, they were there, being guys, they put one of the females in the cab to make sure she got home okay. sped through the intersection of chestnut and fulton, mowed down the two guys and hit two parked cars and ran away on foot. mall do nado was pronounced dead on the scene, turcios was
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the nypd highway patrol is here on the scene conducting the investigation. you have detectives from the nearby precinct fanning out to make sure they can try to identify the driver of the silver tl. if you recognize the car or saw anything around this time frame, call crime stoppers, 180- 0577 tips. . taliban says it sent a team of suicide bombers to carry out an attack on foreign contractors in afghanistan. it broke through the perimeter wall of the hotel.
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wounded. it was felt throughout kabul. parishioners at a staten island church are on the warn to be on the lookout. police are trying to find barrera, he attacked a 21-year- old victim inside the women's restroom at the gymnasium in port richmond. she fought him off and got away. jury selection b in the bridgegate trial of two of governor christy's former allies. attorneys scheduled to submit questions to gauge whether jurors might have biases. kelly and bill ba rony are scheduled to go to trial in september. accused of playing a role in orchestrating traffic tie ups at the gwb as political pay back. donald trump campaigns today in ohio and pennsylvania, republican leaders are
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parents of a hero soldier that died fighting in iraq. jeb bush quoted this is incredibly disrespectful of a family. trump dismissed the suggestion he hasn't sacrificed and told abc news, that the mother had not spoken probably because she was not allowed to speak. she has responded saying she was overcome by grief. >> what he sites in the name of islam and all that, that islam at all. i wish he would -- somebody would have put something in his head, these are terrorists and criminals, these folks have nothing to do with islam. >> mitch mc connell and paul ryan sidestepped the controversy releasing statements that went after his proposed muslim ban. hilary clinton will be campaigning son and daughter nebraska, she is trying to organize her forces in that
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for his remarks. she said you have to wonder where the bottom is. pope francis says efforts to label islam as a terrorist faith are not right. the pope says the label is unfair and untrue, says there is a small fund ment list -- fundamentalist group in religion, says some are left without jobs and ideals and left to isis propaganda. a the president will argue that getting veterans the health care and other benefits
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weather and traffic every 7 minutes. amy freeze, looking outside, see the drapes are pulled down over midtown. the clouds are obscuring the building. visibility is not great. clouds across the area. this is the way it will stay for the morning hours. 70 on the map. we could make it to 80 if we get the sun breaks thation trigger it is showers and thunderstorms in. we had these over the major drenching downpours. there is the risk, north central new jersey where the national weather service posted the watch. waterways reseeding. looking at the chances for rain, today of course, northwest, new jersey, north central, flash flood watch, we have got the chances of rain tomorrow for the early half of the day, a nice dry stretch before a round of rain for saturday afternoon.
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thundershowers possible, high of 80 in the city. coming up, talking temperatures in the accuweather seven-day forecast, returning to hot weather, heather, i will have that in a minute. here is west street in to the holland tunnel, west street is doing fine. to the maps, the holland tunnel, outbound, a car fire, lincoln, george washington bridge fine, debris on the tracks, n d-line, 36 street to coney island. q trains signal problems, sheeps head bay. downtown trains running with delays. staten island expressway, hiland boulevard, this is pothole repairs. traveling east, staten island, doing well across the bridge until you get on the rower level, in to brooklyn on the rach to the bell parkway, disabled vehicle cleared away.
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a fire north of big sur burned 40,000-acres and forced evacuations of dozens of homes. thousands are in the danger zone. it broke out july 22nd. a 5 year-old boy is dead. the family lu was on vacation at the time of the accident, 4:00 p.m., the boy's family called 911 and put their son in to their car and met first responders halfway. he was rushed to the hospital, he later died. florida governor rick scott has called for a meeting this afternoon with county leaders facing the first outbreak of
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confirmed cases in florida, the outbreak is playing havoc with the travel industry. united kingdom travel health network advised pregnant women in egg land to put off non essential trips to florida. trips are now being discounted by up to 40%. national olympic committee begins the new session in rio officials in brazil investigate a possible case of arson at the olympic village. members of the team had to evacuate the building after a small fire parking lot. no one was injured. when the athletes returned to their rooms they found laptops and team shirts had been stolen. 7 truck drivers in brooklyn could be out of a job after mysterious fires across east new york. the destroyed trucks were blocks from each other.
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in new jersey. nobody got hurt. drivers say they are worried, next time it could be worse. >> you are scared. you don't want to work. you could be sleeping in one of those trucks. it's a sleeper. >> truck operators say this is not the first time this happened. they say 20 trucks have been set on fire in recent months. time is get a check on the outside, in for bill with the accuweather forecast now. >> reporter: good morning. i grabbed the umbrella before i came outside. it's possible we could see a sprinkle for the early morning hours. a flash flood watch posted for north central new jersey, that goes until 11 tonight. be aware of. that west of the city is where we have the greatest potential for drenching downpours today.
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corner. tucker park, in the distance, lincoln center. 70 west, central park, 87, humidity, northeast wind at 8 miles per hour, pressure is holding steady. bureaus, 70 degrees the number, 69, whites town. across the board, cooler temperatures north and west, everybody else starting the uniform temperature range of 68, 69 to 71 degrees. we got humidity out here as well. the dew points are high. sticky and muggy. that's how we will play out the afternoon. yesterday's rain totals varied from hardly any rain, not even measurable, to two and a quarter inches in poughkeepsie. the radar estimates, 4-6 inches of rain saturday and sunday, different various spots where we got the big downpours, that's where the flash flooding happened. that threat moves west today. north central ng inn, could be a -- new jersey, could be a
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the week and hot weather coming back in for the weekend of august. south of rampo, 3 or 4 inches of rain. the accumulation happenedno of secaucus. the sports complex, lots of concrete in the areas, that are getting rain. that's something you want to keep if mind as the downpours happen today. may not happen over your houses what are the affects of the water run off and mean for your se property. heads up for that. on the radar, from toms river, focken riff, we had moderate showers, luckily sandy soils. spotty showers for tomorrow. today is the day for the chance of a drenching downpour and a spotty shower tomorrow. the beginning of a nice stretch of weather tuesday through thursday. we will be looking at monday night in to tuesday morning,
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downpours north and west of the city. computer models are showing sullivan county as the main bulls eye for that. east winds, to the beach, in a boat, 20 man winds, 3-foot waves, pod rat rip current risk. maybe you are heading to the board walk. tuesday afternoon, in to wednesday, the start of a very nice dry stretch, taking us in to the weekend, your forecast, high of 80, temperatures falling to the 60s and th you playing out like this, friday cranking up to the temperatures to the 80s. 90 all weekends. saturday looks like the day we will have showers and
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>> we have this problem on the bell parkway, rock away, this accident is cleared away, couple of lanes are closed down. delays back to the mill basin drawbridge, n and d trains, debris removed. q trains, signal problems, sheeps head bay, downtown trains running with delays as result. looking good, 10 minutes inbound at the holland. outbound, on the new jersey side, we have a car fire, off that. staten island expressway east, hiland boulevard, pothole repairs, the bridge to brack line, the ramp to the bell parkway, disabled vehicle on the lower level. metro north, hudson and harlem, dealing with service changes today. they will be offering bus service and all because of the sandy resilience project.
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teen choice awards took a somber tone last night. jessica alba joined by teen whose have lost loved ones to gun violence took the stage to offer peace, each teen produced themselves before the actress told the audience about oh family membered killed in sandy hook, san bernardino dino -- they asked to spread the message and use e stop the violence. yankees and mets will put wild card quests on hold for the battle for new york bragging rights. the series shifts to yankee stadium. logan is slated to take the mound for the mets. cc for the yanks. parts of new jersey still drying out today, even with the
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wall street futures are pointing to a higher open. the dow starts at 18,432. nasdaq, sp, begin higher. markets overseas finished in the green, nikke and hon congress rose 1%. biggest ever beer deal is going down smooth. buds wiser merger, cleared the last anheuser busch $105 billion offer. some of the company's shaller shareholders are not convince odd didn't offer, the biggest shareholders backed the deal. u.s. and national regulators upped the deal. no word on who the lucky winner is from the saturday
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new hampshire. town of 10,000 people, the owner of the supermarket is going to get 75,000 bucks because they sold the ticket worth $487 million. 15 other tickets sold matched the first numbers and they didn't get the power ball but still get $1 million prize. one pen got a $2 million prize because they got all the numbers, they were in pennsylvania. i know all this stuff. i'm a lottery aficionado news in brooklyn, two men killed in a terrible crash overnight. we are learning new information about one of the victims that search for the driver who caused this mayhem continues. high stakes rescue caught on camera when a teenager gets in to trouble in a national park. demolition derby goes wrong. we are going to look here
6:27 am
exit 26, francis lewis boulevard, an accident being cleared away. street cleaning rules in effect for today. we will amy freeze is here for bill evans. no rain overhead, there are showers happening toms river, cell behind us. a flash flood watch in effect for north central new jersey in the city, you will need your when we became teachers,
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in the last few minutes, details on one of the victims. protesters a planning a rally at city hall. grab the umbrella before you headed out, tracting drenching -- tracking drenching downpours and potential for flash flooding as well. it's monday, august 1st. never more than 7 minutes away
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for bill. >> good morning to you, the threat of flash flooding across the area . north central new jersey, the bullseye. first up, outside, cloudy, damp, the streets are wet from the heavy rainfalls last night. 70 degrees in central park. that's the uniform temperature across the bureaus. cooler river dale, 68. warmer whites town 71. long island, 68 islip. down the shore, an area, that is not included in th flood watch, training thunderstorms near toms river. the watch areas, in green, extends through north central new jersey, allen town, 11:00 tonight, heads up there. here it is on the radar, see the shower through toms river. there is another one in behind it, one leaves and another repeats to barn get.
6:32 am
minutes. temperatures in the low 70s until the noon hour, we jump to 80 degrees for the high, a threat of showers and thunderstorms around the city as well. when we could get rain, the thunder booms and drenching downpours to the west of the city. what is happening on the harlem river drive, 125th street, a person in the roadway, not sure what that person is doing on the roadway, we need to tell you to use a to the harlem overdrive this morning. van wick, south, rock away, the right lane is flooded out. you can experience delays, bell parkway east, rock a way, that earlier accident cleared, n and d, debray on tracks removed. q trains signal problems, sheeps head bay. george washington bridge, lincoln 15, holland tunnel outbound on the new jersey side, a car fire has been
6:33 am
in effect. breaking news in brooklyn, two men are dead, struck by out of control driver, leaving a trail of destruction and the driver nowhere to be found. police are still on the sign, in cypress hills. darla miles learned more about one of the victims. >> reporter: all morning long, friends and family members have been coming back and forth to the scene heartbroken, upset, trying to get a sense of exactly what happened. 6 hours ago, we learning both mer were friends, hanging out in the neighborhood bar formally owned by family member they both work in construction and crossing the street when police say that silver accra tl blew through the intersection and ran both of them over. police identified both victims, the first identified as 56 year old israel turcios of brooklyn, the second identified as 41
6:34 am
chestnut and fulton cypress hill. police say the silver tl blew through the intersection, struck both of the victims and then hit two parked cars, got out of the car and ran away. at this how, police are looking for the suspect. maldonado was pronounced dead at the scene. turcios pronounced dead at brook dale hospital. >> he will spend every dollar to make everybody happy. that's the type of person he was. >> reporter: police are already confirming that speed as a factor in the incidents though as you can see, highway patrol is conducting the investigation. the big thing is identifying the driver of the silver accra tl sedan. if you know the driver, know anything about the incident or recognize the car, call crime stoppers, 187-7577 tips. darla miles, channel 7
6:35 am
news. new york assemblyman michael blake says he was roughed by by an nypd officer over the weekend and wants an investigation. he says it was terrible and surreal with a lot of tension. he says officers used excessive force against him while he was trying to diffuse a tense situation between the police and a community saturday. there will be a news conference today to story. nypd preparing for a major demonstration that could paralyze parts of lower manhattan. black lives matter protesters plan to gatter with a specific set of -- gather with a specific set of demands. anthony johnson has details. >> reporter: good morning, let's take you across the street, broadway and park row.
6:36 am
protection against the advance of the protesters expected to come out later on, demanding certain things happen with the police department and also the departure of police commissioner bratton, the events taking place on the steps ofhall. one of the top prioritys is a removal of police commissioner william bradden and his broken windows policy aimed at cracking down on low level prevent more serious crimes in urban neighborhoods, black lives movement has a list of new demands, calling for reparations and end to the death penalty, ending mass incarceration and deportations and fighting for the rights of transgender people through civil rights protections. protests have included a last month, pba headquarters, where many chained themselves to the
6:37 am
union protects officers that shoot black people. it's part of actions taking place and the country, organization is calling for defunding the nypd budget of $5.5 billion, use that money to invest in black and brown communities. the protests are focused on shutting down city hall, city hall park. they are spread out, on the streets, causing traffic jams and closed off bridges and highways. many after the shooting after five police officers on detail during a black lives matter protest, when the cops became the target of an assassin. the protesters are expected to gather here, around city hall park, 9:00, they say the protests are going to last throughout the entire day, we want to warn you about the possible traffic jams, particularly near lower
6:38 am
more people can join. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. two people in maryland are dead after severe flooding in ellicot city , the up to was hit with 6 inches of rain in 2 hours on saturday night. a man and woman were killed when they were swept away by the flood waters. several homes and businesses damaged. officials say the flooding has created the worst devastation the area has seen in decades. in maryland, a teen is in critical condition after being rescued from a national frederick county, the teen was hiking and fell in to a a remote area. they had to use a helicopter, he was flown to childrens national medical center in dc. heavy rains and winds brought flooding to new jersey, roadways turned in to ris as water carried along garbage and debris from patterson to lynhurst. pouring rain caused dangerous
6:39 am
car bumpers trapping drivers inside. >> storms started. we were about to leave out, it was a river outside. it was no way of driving through that without messing up my car. >> it was very, very crazy. >> residents said the flooding subsided. weather and traffic every 7 here. another threat today of the flash flooding, for north central new jersey, a watch posted by the national weather service. clouds hanging low, another muggy, soupy air mass, prime for thunderstorms to develop. 70 the current temperature. we could make to it 80. any places that see bright sunshine or breaks in the clouds, that triggers more showers and thunderstorms, destabilizes or shakes up the
6:40 am
problems. flash flood watch until 11 tonight, areas in greens north central new jersey. warren could be targeted. millstone under the warning crested and starting to fall. the numbers now, upper 60s, low 70s across the bureaus, that's the same story for the tristate. everybody is at risk for rain today. you should grab the umbrella, this area here through north central new jersey looking for the heaviest rainfall. more and plus a dry stretch of our way. more in the accuweather seven- day forecast. here is heather with traffic. a look at the belt parkway, right here , the van wick expressway, feeding in to the parkway. traffic underneath the van wick is a reason for this. reports as you go to the bell parkway, eastbound, east of van wick, an un authorized tractor trailer. they are not allowed on parkways. they have to deal with that
6:41 am
rock away, the right lane flooded out. use caution there. the harlem, south of 125th, reports of a person in a wheelchair on the roadwayment not sure why that is. q trains, signal problems, sheeps head bay. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. the country's worst hot air investigation is beginning. city bike is stretching the limits to new neighborhoods, see where the bike sharing program is headed next. with more rain in the forecast today, flooding storms possible, too, track the storms with the power of accu track head to to use the interactive radar and get the
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i like that bee.
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utility crews are checking lines they think a hot air balloon hit that killed 16 people, the worst such disaster in u.s. history. some part of the balloon made contact with high tension power line before the crash. the contact knocked out power
6:45 am
line, the fist 911 calls about the crash came a minute later. officials in hawaii are urging people to be careful as lava flows from kilauea volcano. it's putting on quite a show. this smiley face was seen. created by a helicopter overhead. the survey is asking people not to get close. usgs says it can cause flying skin, eye and lung irritation. let's check in with robin roberts. >> good morning. coming up, more on the deadly flash flooding, east coast pummeled as you have been repotting with rain overnight. governor of maryland reporting a state of emergency, two people killed. people are forming a human chain to save a driver trapped in the raging waters, live on the scene, we will pick up your coverage this morning. donald trump spharking a fire
6:46 am
the father of a fallen u.s. soldier, who spoke at the dnc. trump is firing back. how damaging are his comments, more of his interview with george. the investigate combination in to the worst air -- investigation in to the worst hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. 16 people kill after the balloon caught fire in texas. we are learning about the victims and the newlywed couple on board and talk the members to get answers. we have will smith dropping by. time to check in with amy freeze. >> one of the neighbors walking by says, of course bill is off. look at the weather. of course, he is in enjoying his vacation this week. few rain drops right now.
6:47 am
you are as sweet as maryland that says let's hurry and wrap so we can go in. cloudy skies, limited visibility over the park. 70 the number we have seen most of the morning, feels muggy and sticky. northeast wind at 8 miles an hour, the pressure is holding steady. the watches for today. over the weekend, drenching downpours caused problems. that could happen for north weather service, flood warning for the mill stone creek, starting to reseed and crested 5:00 a.m. this morning at 9 feet. heavy thunderstorm could happen to the west today. that's the prime target area. shower at any time today, that's the reason for the umbrella. stray shower tomorrow, nice through the middle of the week before the heat and humidity are back. thursday and friday back sweating i out with temperatures returning to the near 90s in time for the
6:48 am
had a problem, in around secaucus with the rain in less than an hour, 2.4 inches, lot of concrete. not muff room, the complex there, not a lot of room for the water to run off. that could lead to flooding and flash flooding. training thunderstorms repeat themselves over and over again, this is happening now on the accuweather, a shower or thunderstorm come through toms river, here comes a round. track, see over the next 30 minutes or so. that storm that passed goes out east, and another round comes through the same exact area. good news is that happening toms river, they have sandy soil ask can handle the repeat thunderstorms. once you get inland, north central, it's not sandy of soil. you have the threat of too much rain in too short of time, flooding out basements and
6:49 am
after 10:00 tonight, before the dawn hours, areas north and west, could get a heavy thunderstorm happening. tuesday, a stray shower, we move in a different direction, the pattern becomes dry, pleasant, wednesday and thursday look great. mostly dry, the threat of showers is out of the tristate. better weather, as heat and humidity, familiar to august, will return to the near 90- seven-day forecast. friday 88. keeping that numb at the present time in to saturday and sunday with the greatest threat over the weekend of showers on saturday. basically we got today, part of tomorrow with the stray shower and on saturday the threat of rain. in between, very nice weather shaping up. heading out the door this morning, for whatever you have planned expect temperatures to top off 80 degrees, no matter
6:50 am
we will talk about the subway status, signal problems, delays as a result. a stall inbound, upper level of the george washington bridge, coming out of the tolls. lincoln tunnel, 20 minutes inbound, holland 20 inbound and outbound, a car fire cleared. the inbound upper level of the george washington bridge is looking better that the lower level. once you have to deal with trying to get and the disabled vehicle. slow across the span. outbound side doing fine. van wick, unauthorized tractor trailer cleared. fist reported as the eastbound side, it is westbound. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. grab the rain gear if you are
6:51 am
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hundreds were in the stands to watch a truck heat in utah.
6:54 am
the bike sharing program to new sections of upper manhattan in brooklyn. >> fist of new docking stations became active and over the course of the month, plans called for more and more stations across the upper east side and west side. stations will pop up in beurreham hill, carol gardens, park slope and red hook. 6:54s staying on top of the
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two me were killed in a deadly hit and run in cypress hills. >> reporter: both of the men grew up in cypress hill, friends and both fathers of two, construction workers, they died in this inte when this silver accra blew through the intersection overnight. they were identified, the victims identified as 56 year old turcios and 41 year old del maldonados they were walking on fulton and chestnut, cyprus hill when the silver accra tl, they believe was speeding at the time and hit the two men and struck two parked cars and ran away on foot.
6:58 am
the scene. turcios was taken to brook dale and pronounced dead. nypd is looking for the driver of the silver accra gl that took off on foot. we could see a massive protest this morning, shut down city hall. starts at 9:00, city hall park, and it is the next escalation in protest by coalition of lives matter movement. police have metal barriers up to keep the groups from getting in to city hall. final check of the commute. >> the white stone bridge, going in to queens, a stalled vehicle being cleared inbound side of the lincoln tunnel, there is a disabled truck. in to the tolls, 20 minutes
6:59 am
level, we have a stall going inbound, out of the tolls, q trains signal problems, sheeps head bay, downtown trains running with delays. everything else is closed. metro north, harlem, hudson, service changes because of the sandy resilience project. there is the threat of showers and thunderstorms during the day today. it's north central new jersey that has the biggest threat. watch is posted. that's until 11:00 tonight. the drefning downpours -- drenching downpours over the weekend. stray shower tomorrow, 80 degrees as well. partly sunny on wednesday, looks good, 82 thursday. in the weekend temperatures climb, heat and humidity will take over. upper 80s for friday, saturday
7:00 am
good morning, america. state of emergency. >> oh, my god. >> east. half a foot of rain in just two hours sweep as way cars. at least two people killed. 120 water rescues. people link hands to form a human chain saving this driver. now the east on alert for more dangerous flooding. new trouble for donald trum war of words with a muslim family of a fallen u.s. soldier who told the nation trump does not know real sacrifice. >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country. >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the candidate facing outrage from both parties and what he told george about president putin that is unleashing a new firestorm. the search for answers after


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